Our Vision

We see the health needs of people in East Central Alberta fully served by having access to professional integrative health services.

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Our Values

Inspiring Hope and nurturing the well-being of the whole person.
Achieve the highest level of service possible, through the dedication of a professional team.
Everyone receives the health care they need in a location and package that is easily available.
Develop our mission and reinvest in our community by wisely managing our resources.
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In our community, for our community

In 2010, the Community Futures Big Country Office strategically focused on identifying a path to establish a post-secondary college in Drumheller.
Following the completion of a comprehensive business plan, it was determined that the path to launching a college in Drumheller was to focus on health care – particularly rural health care and preventative health.
The business plan identified the creation of a clinic (Hope Clinic) and a research centre (Hope Research) that would help to support the objectives of the college (Hope College) by providing additional educational options for students.
Today, the three-component cluster of Clinic + College + Research is operating on the former site of the St. Anthony Elementary and Secondary school in Drumheller.
Patients interested in receiving care and consultation are welcomed to visit Hope Clinic.
Students wishing to study at Hope College will have that opportunity beginning in September 2013!

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